Authorized service

We all know the high costs required by a business and we are always looking for opportunities to reduce operating costs, to increase the life of the equipment and to optimize the personal work and equipment we have.

In response to these needs, KUHN ROMANIA will provide proactive maintenance and service programs for your equipment, very efficient and cost-effective, based on specific needs and type of activity, how to operate the equipment. , the structure of the use park you own and last but not least depending on the manufacturers’ recommendation.

Along with the purchased equipment, KUHN ROMANIA offers you the following:

  • quality service, specialized, performed by KUHN ROMANIA engineers, tools for manufacturers of purchased equipment;
  • minimum intervention time due to a network of 30 mobile service teams in Bucharest and in the country, which can intervene in the shortest time, in any location in Romania;
  • preventive maintenance according to the maintenance and operation manual issued by the manufacturer;
  • reports and evaluations related to the technical condition of your equipment for a total control of the daily activity of the equipment fleet you have;
  • performing interventions at the place where the equipment works and only in more special situations in the KUHN ROMANIA workshop;
  • complete control of your machine activities, daily operation and maintenance and repair costs
  • dedicated telephone line: 0730.627.266