Our company comes to your aid by providing you with the best financing solutions on the market.

The financial advisor available to you will help you complete the financing file and obtain the financing offer in the shortest time.

What are the advantages we offer?

  • free counseling for financing;
  • prompt response regarding the possibility of granting financing;
  • the possibility of adapting the offer according to the needs and specifics of the client;
  • quick access to information, it is not necessary to travel the client to the leasing company to obtain and complete the documents.

Required documents:

1. The latest balance sheets with the approval of the Financial Administration, together with the related synthetic balances;
2. The last monthly balance;
3. Certificate of ascertainment from the Trade Register (maximum 2 months seniority)
4. Statute, constitutive acts and additional acts;
5. Fiscal attestation certificate issued by the Financial Administration (maximum 60 days) or Declaration regarding the situation of debts to the state budget;
6. Standard application;
7. AGA decision to approve the transaction
8. Company presentation;
9. Specimen signature from the bank and CI copy of the person empowered to sign the leasing contract (in the case of persons empowered by the holders);
10. CRB consultation agreement

Note: for the initial offer, only the documents from points 1 and 2 are required.