Telehandler AGRI STAR 38.8 EVO2




Agri Star 38.8 Evo 2 is equipped with the “INCHING” pedal that allows the machine to move at low speed when the machine is accelerated to maximum, and a transmission consisting of a pump with axial pistons and variable flow and a hydrostatic motor, which allow acceleration from 0 to 40 km / h without the need to change gears.

Hydrostatic transmission – The optimal transmission solution for the working mode of telehandlers that are required in a wide range of applications but less when traveling long distances

3 modes to turn:
“Normal” (front wheels only),
“Coordinated” (front and rear wheels in opposite directions),
“Crab” (front and rear wheels in the same direction, parallel).

“Inching pedal” – dedicated pedal in the cab, to reduce travel speed (stop) while maintaining engine speed and maximum load in the hydraulic system

Compensation cylinder positioned inside the boom lift cylinder – ensures permanent load balancing, leading to increased durability of the telescopic boom.

This technical solution – patented by DIECI – is clearly superior in terms of system reliability and maintenance costs, compared to other construction solutions based on a separate hydraulic cylinder.

ROPS / FOPS approved cabin, modern, ergonomic, spacious, with generous glazed surfaces that allow a very good visibility in all directions. The control system is simple, intuitive and comfortable to use.

The components used (engine, axles, hydraulics, electronics, computer) come from the most famous manufacturers in the field, as well as the special steel sheet from which the telescopic arm is made, all to obtain a final product of high quality and reliability.

Engine power: 143 HP

Operational weight: 8.300 kg

Maximum payload handled: 3.800 kg

Inaltime maxima de ridicare: 7,6 m

Fan with reversibility function for self-cleaning

Air conditioning

Rear towing hook for a maximum of 15 t

Suplimentary working light on cab


Light material bucket 0,8 t/mc

General duty bucket,

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