Screener R230

Engine power (HP): 225
Operational weight (KG): 37,200
Sorts number: 2


Flexibility: suitable for various applications (stone quarries, recycling, demolition, ballast), offering the possibility to adapt production according to current requirements with minimal costs

Reduction of transport costs: is achieved by placing the crusher in the operating area and is obtained both for the raw material and for the final product to the customer

Mobility: generates low travel costs in the case of an application in which there are several quarries / gravel pits in operation and thus avoids massive investments in a fixed production facility

Rental: the possibility to rent to other clients during periods without own activity

Independence of utilities: no electrical network required, no construction permits required, no adjacent constructions required, minimum time to start production

Hardox Power Bunker: Reduces costs related to bunker wear and repair, increasing reliability and reducing downtime for repairs. Adds value to the equipment in case of resale.

Integrated conveyor belts with hydraulic folding: the unloading height is among the most in this class, allowing the realization of larger stocks and thus reducing the intervals of crushing material crushed with mobile support equipment

Variable speed sieve feeder and conveyor belts: increase productivity by real-time correlation of supply with material evacuation

Metal belt rollers: increases the reliability of the station and adds value to the equipment

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